ANDALUCIA has banned barbecues and agricultural burns in forest areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has announced that from June 1 to October 15, the use of fire and motor vehicles in the forest areas will be prohibited.

The measure will be in force during a high-risk period for forest fires in the region.

The areas where the law is applied covers all agricultural and urban lands located less than 400 metres from a forest.

800px 2019_05_29_ _el_presidente_de_la_junta_de_andaluc  A_juanma_moreno_visita_las_instalaciones_del_infoca_en_aznalc  Llar_47958092622
Junta President Junma Moreno Juanma Moreno visits the INFOCA facilities in Aznalcóllar

During the summer months, barbecues will not be allowed even in places authorised for that purpose (recreational or camping areas).

The exceptions to this norm are barbecues in tourist establishments and authorised rural restaurants, as well as preparing food in children’s camps.

Residents or tourists in an urbanisation more than 400 metres from a forested area, are permitted to have a BBQ.

INFOCA (Andalucia’s forest fire unit) has already tackled over 80 forest fires this year, including two sparked by electrical storms yesterday.

2019 saw 12,000 blazes reported amid 20-year high temperatures.

To prepare for the upcoming fire season, Andalucia has invested €171 million into its fire fighting and prevention department.

The Junta asks that in the event of any sighting of smoke or flames, the emergency services should be alerted by calling 112.

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