SPAIN has the most summer hotel reservations worldwide.

According to travel website Travelgate, Spain leads the way, with 33.75% of the total amount of bookings.

In second place it’s the US with 31.5%, followed by Portugal in third with 9.8% and France in fourth with 2.8%.

Spain’s hotel resurgence has been very recent however, only since last week in fact, when the Government announced that tourists will be able to visit Spain from July 1.

Prior to that the top spot was occupied by the US with 43.53%, with Spain in second with 20.86%.

Travelgate analysed more than 20,000 reservations and 3 billion daily internet searches, from 300 hotel websites and 15 airlines worldwide.

Andalucia is Spain’s most popular region, with 10.78% of all hotel reservations worldwide.

That figure represents 31.66% of Spanish hotel bookings.

That’s followed by the Canary Islands with 16.7% of the reservations, the Balearic Islands with 13.01% and Catalunya with 9.69%.

Regarding the nationality of tourists making hotel reservations, according to Travelgate 80% of these are Spaniards, followed by 7.7% from the UK and 5.2% from Portugal.

The profile of tourists has also changed, as now the majority of reservations is from couples, with 44% of the total, whereas before it was families.

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