SPAIN is in the top five of EU countries for most Google searches regarding recycling clothes, it has been announced.

Energy comparison site SaveOnEnergy has found one of the positives of the current pandemic is a change in attitude toward old textiles and how we recycle clothes.

According to SaveOnEnergy, there has been a recent surge of 500% in people asking, ‘when will recycling centres open.’

A spokesperson for the comparison company said: “Rather than ‘burning and binning’ we are turning to recycling centres to dispose of old clothes.”

Spain ranks fifth among EU countries, with an average of 5,820 Google searches per month for ‘clothes recycling’.

Clothes Recycling Items
SHOES: The most recycled item of clothing in the EU

The top spot goes to Ireland, with 12,670 monthly searches, followed by Germany, the Netherlands and France.

At the bottom of the list is Luxembourg, Slovenia and finally Slovakia, with only 270 monthly Google searches.

The five most worn items of clothing worldwide are t-shirts, jeans, underwear, coats and shoes.

According to SaveOnEnergy, shoes are the most recycled item of clothing in 70% of the EU countries analysed.

Spain is one of those countries, along with Ireland, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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