TRAVEL between Andalucia and the rest of Spain is not to be allowed for two weeks, while beach-goers have been warned over large crowds.

Junta President Juanma Moreno said today that his Government would not back inter-regional journeys for at least the next fortnight.

He also cautioned against a ‘rush to the coast’ as inter-province travel in Andalucia – the country’s most populous autonomous community – is to be permitted from tomorrow.

It comes as Andalucia will pass into Phase 3 of the Government’s COVID-19 lockdown de-escalation plan on Monday, along with 52% of the population.

However, Moreno said he would remain ‘cautious’ about mobility between Andalucia and its neighbouring regions, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia.

The Junta boss made the comments in his weekly video conference with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Spain’s other regional leaders.

Beach Estepona Costa Del Sol
SUNNING IT: People enjoying Playa de la Rada in Estepona today ©theOlivePress

He cited a new coronavirus outbreak in Extremadura as a reason to delay a further relaxation of movement restrictions.

He highlighted that President Guillermo Fernandez Vara had not yet permitted travel between Extremadura’s two provinces.

In addition, Moreno pointed out how badly Castilla-La Mancha has been hit by coronavirus.

The huge region, which sits in between Madrid and Andalucia, has seen twice as many deaths during the pandemic despite its smaller population.

Meanwhile, although Murcia is in a relatively similar position to Andalucia virus-wise, Moreno said that allowing mobility between the two regions and not others would be an ‘unbalanced’ approach.

He said he planned for inter-regional travel by the end of June and added: “Now it is time to be cautious.

“My idea is that in the next two weeks there will be no mobility with any community. We must go step by step and do things well.”

Moreno also used his Sunday address to warn against beach crowding, as has happened in other territories, including the Balearic Islands.

Earlier this week four beaches in Mallorca and two in Ibiza were closed over parties involving more than 100 people, with revellers ‘failing to practice social distancing’.

Moreno said: “The beach is not going to go, it is going to be there every weekend and there is no need for large crowds.

“Let’s use our heads. There are things that are common sense.”

Moreno reminded the public that his region had hired 3,000 ‘beach vigilantes’ to keep the coasts safe and virus free.

He added that tomorrow he would be holding crucial talks with mayors of the coastal municipalities.

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