POLICE have busted a large-scale narcotics laboratory in Mallorca.

Copious amounts of illegal substances, including cocaine, speed and ecstasy, were found at the makeshift drugs lab set up at a home in the Son Cotoner district of Palma.

As part of ‘Operation Gas,’ Policia Nacional officers were able to shut down one of the main suppliers of narcotics on the island.

They arrested a 48-year-old Spaniard on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Covert surveillance on the detainee in the weeks prior to his arrest revealed that he had made multiple trips from his home each day.

Investigators suspected that these were ‘drug runs’ where he would deliver his illicit products to clients and dealers.

Police footage shows the enormous haul of drugs found on the premises.

As well as significant amounts of cash, materials to manufacture the narcotics were also uncovered in the bust.

This included two kilos of boric acid, two kilos of mannitol, three litres of acetone, precision scales, protective suits and a variety of pots in which to cook the drugs.

Mallorca drug bust
HAUL: Copious amounts of drugs and manufacturing materials were found

The arrest comes just days after two men from Mallorca were arrested in Valencia for smuggling over one kilo of cocaine.

The two suspects, aged 23 and 24, were taken by surprise as the taxi they were travelling in was stopped at a police checkpoint on Calle San Jose Soto Mico.

One of the men had strapped the cocaine to his genitals, indicative of the creative ways used to conceal narcotics during Spain’s nationwide lockdown.


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