‘Partnership, cooperation and strength in building an alliance of purpose’, are the main clues for the new governor, said the Chief Minister.

Fabian Picardo introduced the Governor of Gibraltar, David Steele, to the Rock, its past, present and future in a speech in parliament.

He detailed the main challenges of the governor as post-Brexit talks as links with the UK are strengthened, COVID-19 and the need for constitutional reform.

The Governor was at the Gibraltar Parliament to take his oath before walking down Main Street with the Chief Minister in full ceremonial outfit.

Picardo said it was important to have ‘goodwill in our approach, good natured industry, defence of our ideas and good government for our people’.

He also mentioned the plans for a sustainable city, which would be done hand-in-hand with the Opposition in the environment select committee to fight climate change.

Governor Takes Oath
OATH: Governor gets sworn in at parliament today

Father of the house

In his speech the Chief Minister defended lawyers, especially after criticisms of Gibraltar being a ‘barristocracy’.

“Lawyers, particularly barristers, are trained to robustly test arguments in an adversarial environment,” said Picardo.

“You know that, of course, as you are trained as a barrister also,” he told the Steele.

Introducing the governor to Sir Joe Bossano, the father of the house, he called it a ‘a real mean feat’ to be in parliament for over half a halftime.

“Here is a man who defies conventional definition, even by his opponents,” said Picardo of the founder of the GSLP.

“What a mark of honour, particularly in his eighty first year.

“What a lesson to all of us on both sides of the House and what an opportunity to record our very best wishes on his eighty first birthday.”

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