SEVERAL alcohol fuelled brawls erupted across Mallorca on the eve of the so-called ‘new normal’.

The first took place on the Can Valero industrial estate in Palma where more than 200 people had gathered for a street party.

An off duty policeman, who was walking in the area at the time, witnessed a fight break out in which a young girl was violently pushed to the floor by a man.

First calling his Policia Nacional headquarters for immediate back up, the officer then identified himself to the group, running over to the girl in a bid to protect her from further assault.

According to investigators he was then set upon by several partygoers before being repeatedly punched in the face.

The situation deteriorated once several police patrols arrived to the scene and found themselves in a stand off with the group.

Several officers were assaulted before a group of aggressors were cuffed.

Meanwhile, 10 men between the ages of 20 and 30 were arrested after a huge brawl erupted in Porta des Camp in Palma.

Local residents notified the emergency services after seeing the violence between the two groups unfold.

Once at the scene, Policia Nacional found four wounded men lying on the floor.

One of the injured individuals had suffered a huge gash to his head.

A probe into the incident has now been launched but investigators believe the fight was sparked by accusations that one of the men had sexually assaulted a young girl.

Calles Magaluf Imagen Archivo_1154894524_11599445_1020x574
CRACKDOWN: Magaluf faces further restrictions under the ‘new normailty’

It comes as the island has entered a ‘new normality’ after the ending of Spain’s state of alarm.

Although many of the harsh restrictions have been lifted, the Government of the Balearic Islands has implemented a series of measures for the region.

Although nightlife venues are permitted to stay open until 2am (unless their licence states otherwise) bars will be only be allowed to serve drinks until 10pm.

Further limitations have also been put in place in the party hotposts of Playa de Palma and Magaluf to crack down on tourism of excess.

In these areas party boats are strictly banned, and bars, cafes and restaurants must limit their terraces to hold a maximum of 100 people.

A distance of two metres must also be maintained between tables.


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