SOME 191 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours in Spain.

A total of three people have died, compared yesterday’s death toll of eight.

The figure of 191 cases is the same as that of Friday, despite numerous outbreaks across the country, including in Andalucia.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Spain stands at 248,469, according to Ministry of Health data from PCR tests.

Some 125,081 people have been hospitalised overall, 150 of those in the last seven days.

A total of 11,643 people have been admitted to intensive care units (ICUs), 17 in the last seven days.


The autonomous communities with the most new cases in the last 24 hours are Catalunya and Madrid, with 72 and 36, respectively.

Meanwhile, Aragon and Andalucia, which have both seen new COVID-19 outbreaks, reported 28 and 18 new cases, respectively.

Military Disinfection Team After Disinfecting A Care Home  7
CAUTION: Military disinfection team leave a care home in the centre of Barcelona (PHOTO: Mike Riley)

There were nine new cases in Castilla y Leon, eight in Navarra, six in the Balearic Islands, five in Galicia, five in the Basque Country, three in the Valencian Community and one in the Canary Islands.

Cantabria has failed to report its statistics due to ‘technical reasons’, while Castilla-La Mancha has now not reported its data for four consecutive days.

50 outbreaks across Spain

Andalucia, Spain’s southernmost region, is currently battling several outbreaks.

Some 90 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the autonomous community at Malaga’s Red Cross Centre.

The source of the outbreak is believed to be a traveller returning from the Canary Islands.

The premises remain guarded by the Policia Nacional, with all entrances and exits sealed off.

Since May 11 when Spain began its deescalation, there have been 50 outbreaks reported across the country.

Of these flare-ups, a total of 23 are ‘active’, which means that new infections continue to occur.

In the past 24 hours the Ministry of Health has reported medium-sized outbreaks in Granada, Vall d’Aran, Cantabria and Murcia.

Six of Andalucia’s new infections are in Granada, taking the province’s caseload to 45.

Granada has five of Andalucia’s nine active outbreaks.

The situation in the region is being closely studied by the Centre for Coordination of Alerts and Health Emergencies (CCAES), headed by Fernando Simon.

The second outbreak has today been confirmed in Murcia, a region which had fared well amid the pandemic in terms of its caseload.

A person from Granada is understood to have infected three people in the Torre Pacheco area.

In Cantabria a building in Santander has been locked down after four new cases were reported there.

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