A FRENCHMAN has been left severely injured and more than €50,000 out of pocket after falling victim to an elaborate car scam on the Costa del Sol. 

The 40-year-old victim had travelled from France to Marbella with €45,000 cash to buy a luxury motor. 

The agreement had been made online through social media.

He was met by the ‘seller’ at Malaga airport on June 21 before being taken to a villa in an upmarket Marbella urbanisation. 

The seller took the cash upstairs before returning with three other men, who then launched a vicious assault on the buyer, using pepper spray and robbing his €9,500 watch. 

The four attackers left the victim lying on the floor as they sped off in the car he had planned on purchasing. 

Police have only managed to track down two of the attackers, both French mobsters aged 25 and 31. 

They are part of a group, known to police, dedicated to violent robberies along the Costa del Sol. 

They have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation and with robbery with violence.

While the victim arrived at Malaga in a group, the mobsters made sure he was taken to the house on his own, while the others were taken to another location. 

The villa where the robbery took place was rented in the name of third parties, ensuring the attackers could not be traced.

The two arrested are being held in prison ahead of trial.

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