AN ultrasound expert has warned that thermal image cameras in airports are ‘no guarantee’ of spotting COVID-19 infections, especially if high temperatures are down to non-virus factors.

Professor Javier Molina from Elche’s Cardenal Herrera University says that, although thermal imaging is a good temperature screening technique, it does not mean that people presenting above-average results have coronavirus.

Molina said that a high body temperature could result from ‘drinking coffee’ or some form of ‘physical exertion’. 

“Even putting some cream on your face could change the result,” he said.

“The actual position of the thermal cameras is crucial, as the best temperature measurement actually comes from the corner of the human eye.”

The professor stated that only a thorough medical examination and testing could determine for certain that somebody had COVID-10, and that thermal imaging is not a way of ‘detecting’ the coronavirus.

It comes as Alicante-Elche airport has installed instant image units to measure the temperatures of passengers in time for a major increase in services, as more countries have been given allowed access to Spain for holidays.

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