AN OFF-DUTY policeman has stopped a man from kidnapping a prostitute in Palma de Mallorca.

According to the Policia Nacional, the detective witnessed the shocking events unfold while he was sitting at a terrace in Port de Sant Antoni drinking coffee.

A car had driven full speed down the road adjacent to the cafe, pulling to a dramatic stop next to a woman who was standing on the corner of the street.

The man then proceeded to get out of his vehicle where he beat the woman before attempting to drag her into the back seat of his car.

Hearing her screams for help, the police officer ran over to the car, holding the suspect down as he called for immediate backup from his headquarters.

Several Policia Nacional patrols arrived at the scene a short time later, swiftly putting the alleged kidnapper in cuffs.

According to the Latvian detainee, 43, he had met with the prostitute approximately 30 minutes before the incident took place.

Here they had agreed to exchange sexual services for money, however her friends had interrupted them, stealing the man’s wallet and phone.

Once aware of the theft he admitted to becoming ‘extremely upset,’ with the intention to go and find the woman to reclaim his possessions.

The man has since been charged with attempted kidnapping, engaging in prostitution and assault.

It comes days after police busted an international drugs ring, arresting 18 alleged smugglers in Alicante and Malaga.

The gang of Moroccan, French, Indian and Spanish nationals were detained for the crimes of drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, kidnapping, vehicle theft and document forgery.

Just last month, three people were also arrested in connection with the kidnapping, torture and murder of a man in Almeria.

Police believe the suspects had been trying to force the victim to reveal where a ‘large amount’ of money was hidden before his death.

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