THE Guardia Civil has released a video warning about the dangers of taking a selfie and how to make sure you don’t die in the process.

Although certain studies have revealed that posting too many selfies makes us look like losers, people are still obsessed with getting the perfect Instagram shot.

This has led to people putting their lives at risk in order to take the perfect selfie and in some cases that has even led to tragedy.

Such an unfortunate occasion occurred last July when two British men fell to their death in Alicante while trying to take a selfie.

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Aware that this is not a one off incident, the Guardia Civil has launched a campaign to raise awareness among the population so that this ‘isn’t your last selfie’.

In the video, a man with a selfie stick is seen searching for the perfect angle on the edge of a cliff.

The man staggers and appears to lose his footing, before a Guardia Civil agent intervenes to grab his arm and save him.

The video has amassed more than 100,000 views on Twitter and the hope is that it will raise awareness, especially with the summer season now upon us, with people looking to get the perfect shot.

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