It is becoming increasingly popular to fill up without cash. People with company vehicles are increasingly using fuel cards because they offer many advantages. The cards can be activated for Germany or all of Europe and are worthwhile for frequent drivers or a fleet of vehicles.

What services does a fuel card include

Not only cashless payment is possible with a fuel card. Depending on the services booked, different service levels can be selected. It can also be used to purchase additional funds for the car, to pay for interior and exterior cleaning, car services and articles from the petrol shop. Depending on the provider, other car-related services such as breakdown service or towing service can also be selected.

What advantages does a fuel card offer

Often, fuel cards offer many advantages such as cashless payment and, in other European countries, toll and motorway tolls, as well as usage fees for ferries, bridges and tunnels, can be booked onto the card. This European service also includes a VAT refund. All activities of the fuel card can be tracked online in the customer centre, as well as analyses of consumption data and driving conditions for emissions. This allows fleet management to be optimised. There is also a discount for every litre filled up.

Simplified accounting

Collective invoices mean that the company no longer loses any fuel receipts and no individual receipts need to be posted at great expense. Employees do not have to carry cash with them, nor do they have to advance the fuel costs or other services. Invoices can be printed out or sent by mail.

Service station network

Depending on the provider, the fuel card can be used. In most cases, not only your own petrol stations can be accessed, but also many petrol stations in a network. The DKV Card probably offers the largest petrol station network with more than 11,000 petrol stations in Germany and 54,000 throughout Europe, which can be used to pay at Shell, Total, Aral, Esso and many smaller petrol stations. To cover the largest possible network, double cards are also possible.

For which vehicles you can get fuel cards

The refuelling of vehicles used for business purposes is divided into categories among the major providers. A fuel card can be selected for cars and vans, for trucks and buses and for small businesses with up to 5 vehicles or up to 3,000 litres of fuel per month.

Which fuel card is the right one?

We have selected the top fuel card providers in Spain on and compared them with each other. Here you can find out what the brands offer you as a company and which provider has which offers in its repertoire. There are more than 20 variants of different brands on the market.

Conclusion on the fuel card

It is not always easy for companies to obtain fuel discounts from suppliers. These are often hidden in the corners of the Internet pages or cannot be found at all. The suppliers must be contacted to find out. Different needs are met with the cards. Therefore you have to decide for yourself which offer suits you and a company best.

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