A WOMAN has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her partner to death in Mallorca.

According to initial reports by the Policia Nacional, the detainee, 30, was taken into custody yesterday night from her home in Manacor.

Several neighbours had alerted the emergency services after hearing the couple having a heated argument inside their flat.

This dispute then moved to the communal stairs of the apartment block located on Calle Sant Joan Baptista de la Salle.

Officers arrived at the complex a short time later and upon entering they found the man, 32, lying in a pool of blood on the stairs.

He was moved to a landing floor where CPR was performed by agents.

However he was pronounced dead at the scene with several stab wounds to his back, one of which punctured his heart.

It is understood that the detainee admitted to stabbing her partner but claimed it was self defence.

Police say the woman, of Honduran origin, had denounced her partner, of Ecuadorian origin, for abuse on several occasions and had recently taken a restraining order out against him.

The Homicide Group of the Policia Nacional have now taken over the investigation to clarify the events leading up to the man’s death.

It comes as almost 9,000 people in Spain were arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

Specifically, the police processed 8,412 complaints, contacting victims more than 245,000 times and conducting 70,000 investigations.

This included a man who murdered his wife and two children before taking his own life in Andalucia.

According to reports, the man slayed his wife, 46, and his two children, 12 and 17, before jumping off a balcony.

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