GERMAN aristocrat Corinna Larsen says her former lover, King Juan Carlos gave her €64.8 million ‘out of gratitude and love.’

She believes the ‘gift’ might have been an attempt to ‘get her back.’

She made the statement to the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office in 2018, but it was only released recently due to Larsen claiming her right within Swiss law to appeal sending her statement to another country. 

It is now seen as crucial in an ongoing investigation into the retired king for alleged money laundering and tax fraud.

The business woman, whose full name is Corinna Zu Saynn-Wittgenstein, claims ‘it was a gift,’ and not an attempt ‘to get rid of the money’.

Larsen stated she was called up by Juan Carlos I’s lawyer, Dante Canonical, who told her the retired king wanted to give her the cash to ensure a ‘good future for my children and me.’ 

Larsen was also questioned about €1.5 million given to her by her royal lover in 2011, but she claimed it was a ‘donation’ done as a favour so she could buy a house in central London.

The four people involved, including Larsen, Juan Carlos I, Canonical, and the king’s manager, Arturo Fasana, are being tried for aggravated money laundering, which would result in a five year prison sentence, according to El Pais. 

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