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Oxford Dictionaries has identified “climate emergency” as its 2019 Word of the Year. The choice was between: “climate action,” “climate denial,” “eco-anxiety,” “extinction” and “flight shame.” – all from the brief ecological list.

Unfortunately, there is no surprise and the Word of the Year reflects the situation we have now. The deforestation, water and mail pollution, the destruction of protected areas, as well as harmful emissions from the work of heavy industry – all this is only a small part of the environmental problems caused by the rapid life of modern human beings. It is also obvious that people are not going to compromise a comfortable existence in the modern world.

Thankfully, progressive community members are developing business models that combine benefits for both man and nature. One of these models is recycling using DeLink technology that re-processes End-of-Life tires (ELTs) and turns them into consumer products. The process is called devulcanization and it is offered by Malaysian company Green Rubber Global, a part of the Petra Group. 

About 1 billion End-of-Life tires release into the environment on a global scale with each passing year. A further 4 billion are estimated to be held in stockpiles and landfills according to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development report.

To date, no amount of research or on-the-ground experience has yielded a clear and practicable solution to turn vulcanization into an irreversible process. Thus, it wasn’t possible to utilize vulcanized rubber during the production of new rubber-coated goods. However, the patented DeLink technology found a way to make de-vulcanization possible, and the rubber recyclable for real.

Green Rubber recycles and generates a rubber mixture from rubber waste. It produces tires, shoe soles, automotive and industrial goods, and sporting goods. Green Rubber has great development potential as one of the profitable and eco-friendly technology. Using this technology is an environmental boon to the industry, and also a compelling cost proposition.

“We are facing an unpublicized epidemic with 1.2 billion tires being disposed of in landfills every year leading to water pollution and breeding grounds for disease-carrying insects,” said Datuk Vinod Sekhar, CEO, and Founder, Green Rubber Inc. “With Green Rubber’s environmentally friendly technology, we can start to make a real dent in the mountains of tires creating an environmental blight on the planet.”

Datuk Vinod Sekhar is known for his charitable and socially responsible projects not only in Asia but in different parts of the World as well. He was honored by the major organizations worldwide during his career: he was named “Global Visionary Leader of the Year” by ALDA, The World Economic Forum named him as one of its 40 “New Asian Leaders” (NAL). Grant Thornton named him the Malaysian Corporate Leader of the Year in August 2008. 

Up to date CEO of Petra Group continues developing environmentally and socially friendly business models and technologies.

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