INSPIRED by the spring we never had, the Cordoban fashion brand, Palomo Spain, showed off its new summer collection through a five minute digital fashion show for Paris Fashion Week.

Designer, Alejandro Gomez Palomo, created his collection during the lockdown period. All he had to hand to make his creations were old unwanted pieces of material he had lying around.

FLOWER POWER: Palomo Spain was inspired by the spring we never had in his new collection

“Suddenly you see that there are many scraps of clothing that you thought had lost their value and but they have not,” said Palomo in an interview with Diario Cordoba.

The Cordoban designer’s collection features flowers and vegetation that sprout out of unlikely places, such as the fly of trousers or an arm sleeve, which he explained is representative of all the wildlife and plants that overgrew and started popping up in unlikely places during lock down.  

Img_0347 2
DIGITAL FASHION SHOW: The collection was debuted in a 5 minute digital fashion show with no audience

Palomo explained the collection was inspired by “the first spring we watched from a window, the sound of nature, the silence, the birds, the wind, the trees, the leaves when you walk through the field, all the sounds that come from everything being silent.”

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