POLICE had little difficulty catching a pair of clumsy burglars – they simply followed a trail of blood to catch the hapless duo.

They had managed to cut themselves when smashing a window at a Torrevieja home on Spain’s Costa Blanca and fled the scene.

Trail Of Blood
FOUND: Tools left by alleged robbers

The pair, a 20-year-old Syrian and a 23-year-old Moroccan man, left Guardia Civil with little doubt of their identity, when a trail of blood and witnesses took them straight to their own home in the same street.

Both thieves had cut themselves so badly when breaking windows to enter the house, they gave up and left a television on the doorstep, along with tools and a large pool of blood.

The agents’ task was made easier by the fact that witnesses saw them jumping over a wall, and one was even asked by a robber if he could wash his hands in their toilet at a nearby bar,

Both have already been to court and await judgement.

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