YouTube is a great video streaming site that allows users to stream as much video content as possible without any restrictions. Videos range from podcasts, documentaries, news to music videos, interviews, comedy shows and more. There is more than 300 hours of video being uploaded on YouTube each minute making it the most viewed streaming site on the planet. Whatever you’re thinking of watching, you’ll find it on YouTube in one shape or form. This is absolutely amazing for those sitting at home during weekends or after working hours or simply when you’re cooking a meal in the kitchen.

But there’s one issue with YouTube.

It is a streaming video site meaning that if you were to lock your phone screen the video will stop playing. What if you don’t want to watch a video and are looking towards simply listening to audio? What if you’re going for a morning jog and want to listen to music rather than watch music videos? What if you are on the way to the office and would prefer listening to your favorite Joe Rogan podcast without having to watch the video of it? That’s where you have to buy a subscription to YouTube music or any other streaming audio services.

In this day and age, there’s no way one can afford another additional streaming service that would put a dent in their wallets. There needs to be a simpler way and lucky for you, there is a great solution. In this article, we will show you how to download music from YouTube to MP3 for free, no need to pay subscription fees or hidden charges.

Introducing YouTube converters. YouTube converters have been available for a long time; however, it has simply died down in the past few years for a couple of reasons.

YouTube to MP3 converters

Some of the available converters had a lot of clutter on their sites. This would make it extremely difficult for users to navigate across the website without having annoying pop-up ads every now and then. Some of the sites even would redirect users to different sponsored websites or affiliates making it a very unpleasant experience for users.

Then there were converters that came in the form of software. These would require installation and users needed to have powerful PCs for these converters to run efficiently. There are still some of the best converter software available however, you need to have a desktop system that is powerful enough to run this software. Such software becomes redundant if you’re looking to download music on your mobile or any other device besides a computer or a laptop.

There are other online converters that were great a couple of years back but over time these websites have become highly inactive. Many users have also reported bugs and errors creating problems during conversions or downloads. This can be a waste of time.

However, there is a solution for all of this. Introducing ClickMP3, a new modern take on YouTube converters.


This is a 100% online conversion website that enables users to convert all their videos from YouTube to MP3 format. It does not require any installation or downloads and no browser extensions. There are no hidden charges and no daily limits on conversions as well. It’s very simple and the website is easy to navigate through.

So, how does it work?

The youtube downloader ClickMP3 makes conversions easy so that you can get your YouTube video into an MP3 file without any hassle. It is really simple!

Copy the YouTube video’s link and paste it on the search bar on the homepage of Click MP3. Press next or enter to search for the video. You will get to see a thumbnail of the video before you can start the conversion process. If it matches the video you wish to download, continue by pressing “download”. The video will immediately convert online over the cloud and you just get a downloaded MP3 version of the original video. It’s that easy and if you wish to download multiple files, you can do so by returning to the homepage and repeating the entire process again.

Now no more clutter or unnecessary ads with ClickMP3. No more confusions or compatibility issues. You can start running the YouTube converter now free of charge on any device with a browser. The website is indeed the free and the easiest solution to downloading music from YouTube for free!

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