THE Governing Council for Andalucia discussed the move to new normality for Andalucia, specifically in regards to botellons (street drinking parties), nightlife, and restrictions on mobility. 

The president of Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, led the meeting with the leaders of the eight provinces of Andalucia, to plan a way forward in regards to these areas.

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JUANMA MORENO: Makes reference to the difficulties the nightlife sector has had through lockdown

The vice president, Juan Marin, said it’s likely that there will be a series of new restrictions put in place on nightlife in the region, and said ‘Andalucia is ready for a second wave, but we shouldn’t have to confine ourselves because of irresponsible people,’ according to Ideal.

Moreno, said in his speech last Thursday, that they are looking for a ‘total ban’ on botellones, as well as looking to put more restrictions on indoor nightlife venues, such as setting stricter shutting hours and making more, ‘orderly leisure areas outdoors.’

students enjoy a macro botellon to welcome the start of spring
BOTELLONS GET BANNED: All forms of botellons will be fully banned

The president made reference to the sensitivity of putting restrictions on such a prominent sector, that is nightlife, and said how it will be done with ‘refinement’ as this sector has ‘had a very difficult time these last four months.’

Marin also discussed the possibility of restrictions on mobility, as he stated, depending on the decision of the committee of experts, precautions might be taken as ‘the debauchery of some cannot be allowed to become a problem for society.’

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