A MAN who robbed bakeries while disguised as Batman has been arrested in Malaga following a tense showdown with police.

The suspect, who also donned a mask from the V for Vendetta film, began his spree on Saturday afternoon. 

First wearing sportswear and the Batman mask and gloves, he entered a bakery in the west of Malaga city and approached a customer from behind and hit her in the temple with a pistol. 

As she fled the store, the suspect approached the worker behind the till and told them to hand over the morning’s earnings – coming to a grand total of €80. 

He dumped his costume in the bin as he fled and managed to evade capture. Police believe he may have robbed other establishments in the same costume.

The next day he targeted another bakery at around 4:30pm, this time in the V for Vendetta mask. 

Once again he approached the worker behind the till and pointed a gun at their head demanding they empty the till, this time taking off with €1,000. 

Police managed to track down the suspect, who had more than 30 similar crimes on his rap sheet. 

He had barricaded himself inside his mother’s home armed with a gun and a knife. 

Officers tried to negotiate with the man but he refused to exit the apartment and threatened to shoot passersby from the terrace after allegedly trying to attack a policeman with a knife. 

Eventually his two brothers persuaded him to hand over the firearm, which turned out to be an air gun, and to leave the property. 

He has been charged with violent robbery and with attacking a police officer.

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