A BRITISH man has fallen from the third floor of an apartment block in Palma de Mallorca.

The victim, 26, plummeted from an apartment complex on Calle del Vi in the capital yesterday evening.

According to the emergency services, a local resident found the young man lying on the floor with serious injuries.

Once on the scene, paramedics confirmed that the Briton suffered severe polytrauma, transferring him to Son Espases hospital.

He is now fighting for his life in intensive care.

An investigation has now been launched to determine how the man came to fall from such a height.

It comes months after an Irish expat fell to his death from the eighth floor of an apartment block in Magaluf.

Investigators say the 33-year-old man had plummeted from his balcony onto a roof located on the fifth floor.

In recent years, ‘balconing,’ the trend of jumping off a balcony which has grown in popularity among tourists, has plagued the island.

Last year, a British man, 20, plunged to his death from the second floor of a Magaluf hotel, while another British man, 20, was seriously injured after attempting to take a dump over the edge of his sixth floor balcony.

In response to the overwhelming number of incidents, the Balearic Government announced that it would clamp down on the illegal act to tackle troublesome holidaymakers

Officials said that anyone caught jumping off a balcony would be immediately kicked out of their hotel in addition to facing a hefty fine.

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