AN Algeciras musician used the home of a drug smuggler as the setting for a music video released last year, it has been revealed.

Flamenco reggaeton star Canelita released the video ten months ago and it has got ten million hits.

It was filmed in the home of drug clan leader Jesus Heredia, who was arrested in recent La Linea drug raids.

Heredia was the leader of ‘Los Pantoja’ and his home is in the ‘Narcoville’ which was raided by elite Guardia Civil agents.

The drug smuggling chief was arrested while eating at a luxury restaurant in Chiclana.

The video features Canelita, whose real name is Jonathan Vera Granja, surrounded by women in bikinis at a large house with a pool.

It followed another music video by pop band Clase-A which featured another prominent drug-smuggling ‘Los Castanitos’ clan co-leader Isco Tejon.

Tejon’s willingness to take part in the Clase-A’s video was seen as a challenge by the police and came before the mass raid.

Over €35 million in cash, bank accounts and property was seized in the raids, with over 70 people arrested, including five Gibraltarians.

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