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Customs officers find two tonnes of hash valued at £9 million floating in the sea east of Gibraltar

CUSTOMS officers have seized two tonnes of hashish they found floating in British waters on the eastern side of the Rock. Authorities worked out that...

Customs discover €3 million of cocaine attached to hull of a cargo ship in Gibraltar waters

CUSTOMS have discovered 55 kilos of cocaine hidden in the water intake compartment of a Norwegian cargo ship that was passing through Gibraltar. A local...

Gibraltar customs warn of nitrous oxide ‘legal high’ after seizing 120 canisters at land border

AUTHORITIES in Gibraltar warned about the dangers of nitrous oxide after customs stopped a car crossing the frontier with 120 canisters of the legal...

Gibraltar customs officers locate secret cocaine stash in the hull of a passing cargo ship

CUSTOMS officers discovered six large packages containing 172 kilos of cocaine hidden in the water intake of a ship that was passing through Gibraltar. A...

Guardia Civil agents injured while catching hash smugglers in Gibraltar Campo city

TWO Guardia Civil officers were seriously injured while chasing a van loaded with hashish that was trying to escape from Getares beach in Algeciras. Police...

Weed plantation found in La Linea warehouse that made 300 kilos a month

POLICIA Nacional units raided a 2,000m2 warehouse in Gibraltar's neighbouring town and found 100 kilos of weed for international sale.

Drug bust reveals £62,000 of hashish in Gibraltar home

A POLICE raid on a home address has led to the discovery of ten kilogrammes of cannabis resin destined to be sold on the Rock illegally.

Music video clip recorded in La Linea drug smuggler’s home

AN Algeciras musician has used the home of a drug smuggler as the setting for a music video released last year, it has been revealed.

Sea police injured during clash with hashish smugglers in Gibraltar waters

TWO Royal Gibraltar Police officers have been hurt after objects were thrown at their faces from a boat believed to be carrying cannabis resin.

75-year-old drug dealer caught in Malaga after TEN years on the run

A NOTORIOUS drug dealer is set to face justice after a joint British and Spanish police operation snatched him after ten years in hiding. Michael...




Analysis: Popular Party’s Alberto Nuñez Feijoo uses own investiture debate to act as opposition leader

FOR POLITICAL analysts in Spain, the head of the conservative Popular Party (PP), Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, behaved more like an opposition leader during day...


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