TWO Royal Gibraltar Police officers have been hurt after objects were thrown at their faces from a boat believed to be carrying cannabis resin.

Both the Chief Minister and the Assistant Commissioner gave their support to the officers involved.

The incident occurred at 7am on November 9, as the marine section of the RGP spotted a launch loaded with bales of cannabis resin in BGTW.

As the police launch came close they were thrown objects and ‘missiles’ at their face and head by the suspected drug smugglers.

Despite these injuries, the officers continued to chase the suspect vessel until it left Gibraltar waters.

The Chief Minister congratulated the RGP officers for their determination in a Tweet, which commended their bravery keeping Gibraltar safe.

Picardo retweeted a statement by the Assistant Commissioner Richard Ullger that commented on the ‘dangerous environment’ they work in.

“This type of incident highlights the continued dangers RGP marine crews face in the fight against drug smuggling,” said the RGP.

“It also demonstrates the lengths perpetrators will go to, in order to evade capture.”

The two officers were treated for their injuries at St Bernard’s Hospital but were able to return to work almost immediately.

Cannabis resin, or as it is commonly known, hashish, is regularly smuggled via the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco to Spain and the rest of Europe.

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