POLICIA Nacional units raided a 2,000m2 warehouse in Gibraltar’s neighbouring town and found 100 kilos of market-ready weed.

The warehouse was fully kitted out with all the latest technology to grow the illegal plant and could churn out up to 300 kilos a month, raking in nearly half a million euros.

Its owner was identified as a local person with a lengthy criminal record., who was arrested along with his nephew.

From the outside, the warehouse looked like it was a business dedicated to providing agricultural machinery.

On the inside, however, it was full of sophisticated equipment like 16 air conditioning units and 200 lamps to stimulate the growth of the plants.

The resulting massive electricity bill was avoided by an illegal electricity link with the grid.

After being grown, the weed was dried and packed on-site, being ready for their sale on the international market.

It was then transported to countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany where it fetched the highest prices.

The police were surprised by the size of the plantation in an area which is normally known for its hashish smuggling.

In another raid in El Zabal over 200 kilos of weed was found and two persons of 20 and 30-years-old arrested.

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