A DJ at a chiringuito in the popular Malaga resort of Torremolinos is under investigation for ignoring COVID-19 health and safety regulations and spitting alcohol at boozed up revellers.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the tattooed DJ can be seen stood atop the bar dancing before taking a mouth full of Jagermeister and spitting it in the faces of the crowd below.

He then poured shots from the same bottle he had just swigged from before handing them out to club goers.

In the 22-second long video, none of the people involved were wearing masks or social distancing.

The video was taken last month at the Kokun Ocean Club on the Los Alamos beach in Torremolinos.

The DJ, Fali Sotomayor, is part of the Malaga based electronic music duo Les Castizos, who were performing a set at the popular venue.

Regulars on the Costa del Sol, the El Palo pair have taken to their social media to publically apologise for the incident.

“We feel ashamed and sorry,” Sotomayor told his fans.

“The video shows a specific moment in a show in which, unfortunately, we act irresponsibly.”

Despite the remorse from the duo, police are currently investigating the incident, not only into the DJ’s actions but also the establishment’s clear lack of safety measures in place.

STUPID: The dance duo have since apologised for their irresponsible stunt

“We denouce such acts of irresponsibility against public health and we reiterate our commitment to sanitary regulations,” explained the Malaga Hoteliers Association on Twitter.

As a direct result of the video’s backlash, Malaga’s Policia Local have stepped up their surveillance on leisure hotspots under instructions from Torremolinos mayor Jose Ortiz.

Nightclubs have been an important factor in the increase of COVID-19 cases in Andalucia.

Two of the biggest nightclubs in Almeria, Mandala and Moma, were closed last Thursday after 20 people tested positive for the virus.

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