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Far-right extremist Tommy Robinson pledges to return to England after meeting up with Burnley fan behind White Lives Matter on Costa Del Sol

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Jake Heppel and Tommy Robinson were spotted together in Spain

THE man sacked after flying a ‘white lives matter’ banner above a football game has been spotted rubbing shoulders with far-right activist Tommy Robinson on the Costa del Sol. 

Jake Hepple, 24, claimed responsibility for the grim stunt at Manchester City v Burnley game in June. 

Both teams had taken the knee in support of Black Lives Matter just minutes before Hepple arranged a plane to fly a ‘White Lives Matter’ banner above the pitch. 

The football fan and his girlfriend Megan Rambadt, who also had her employment terminated in relation to posts she made on social media, fled to Spain earlier this month. 

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Jake Hepple and Tommy Robinson together in Spain (credit:twitter)

Hepple, who has posted in support of the EDL on Facebook, appeared in a photo with its former leader, Tommy Robinson after the pair met up on the Costa del Sol. 

Jake Hepple has been seen in the Fuengirola ‘Fish Alley’ party strip.

A source, who did not want to be named, said: “He was here with his girlfriend. I saw them both in O’Brien’s Irish pub.

“They seemed relaxed and having a good time, and were saying they had been forced to come to Spain to escape media attention in the UK.”

Another witness said: “I think they have now gone back to Burnley. I haven’t seen them for a few days now.”

On Twitter, user @theswindoneegg said: “Remember Jake Hepple, the Burnely fan behind the “White Lives Matter” banner? He’s been in Spain socialising with Tommy Robinson. Flew back via Manchester two days ago. Should be observing quarantine but will be out and about on the beers.” 

Hepple responded: “What an absolute muppet, get a life.” 

Unlike Hepple, former EDL leader Robinson remains in Spain and was spotted enjoying racket sports at a posh leisure centre in Marbella yesterday. 

The far-right activist, who has been banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook following racist rants, said he was ‘fleeing’ to Spain from the UK after an alleged arson attack on his family home.

Speaking from Manolo Santana Racquets Club in Marbella, Robinson revealed in a video posted to Russia’s VK platform that he had secured places at schools for his three children but was still ‘in the process’ of finding a permanent place for them to live.

Screen Shot 2020 07 31 At 15 08 14
Tommy Robinson revealed his plans to return in his latest video

But today extremist Robinson’s plans took a U-turn when he announced in his latest video that he “was not moving abroad. My home is England.” 

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, said: “Let me just clarify something for the record. I am not moving abroad or anywhere permanently. 

“I’ve just had family issues and location issues to deal with. My family not me, that will free me up for the work that I do.” 

He added: “For all you snowflakes I will be back in the UK very soon, on the streets of England, doing what I do.” 

Kirsty Mckenzie

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  1. They should both be fined heavily for openly flouting the social distancing rules in Spain. Also their sort are not welcome here they should stay in their own little england!

    Location : Spain
    • Really? And who died and annointed you the descision maker of a democracy? And with the name Mike, I hardly believe you are Spanish and you most certainly have nothing to say in Spain. Contrary to your extreme leftist views, the people of Spain and Europe in General do NOT ageee with your fascist Antifa views. The leftist press is trying hard to polish up their image as “radical leftism” failed. They will lose their jobs as people like you matter not.
      Think about it.

  2. I strongly oppose this left wing branding by extreme leftist press/Antifa followers and their racist, discriminating statements. The other persons comment (Mikewhatever) shows the color of these left wing extremists. Tommy Robinson adresses what many, many others do too. And to Mikewhatever I suggest you move to Northkorea or an islamic country of your choice if you think you have the right to force your leftist extreme views onto others. SPAIN as well as the rest of Europe are democracies and YOU and “your kind” (to say it in your extreme leftist words) will NEVER change that…the rats will drown with the ship they chose to sail!

    Location : Spain/England/Germany

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