FORMER King Juan Carlos has announced he is leaving Spain following the latest scandal surrounding alleged corrupt business practices.

The royal Juan Carols de Borbon will not be giving up his title but will be leaving the Zarzuela palace, and the country.

In a letter to his reigning son King Felipe VI, he said his ‘thoughtful decision’ to live outside Spain came in the face of ‘public repercussion over certain past events’ in his private life.

He also said he wanted ‘to contribute’ to his son being able to carry out his role ‘with tranquillity.’

“Guided by the conviction of providing the best service to the Spaniards, their institutions and you as King, I communicate to you my thoughtful decision to move, at the moment, outside of Spain,” he wrote.

Felipe VI thanked his father for his ‘heartfelt respect and gratitude for his decision’ and stressed the ‘historical importance’ of his 39-year reign, ‘as a legacy and political and institutional work at the service of Spain and democracy.’

The self-imposed exile comes after several investigations opened by Swiss and Spanish prosecutors into the fortune of Juan Carlos in Switzerland and alleged corrupt business practices.

His lawyer said today that he will continue to make himself available to Spanish prosecutors despite leaving the country.

More to follow…

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