SPAIN has registered 8,523 coronavirus cases between Friday and Monday.

According to the figures from the Health Ministry, that is an average of 2,133 cases each day.

The numbers are much higher than a week ago, which saw 6,361 cases counted over the weekend.

Meanwhile, due to ‘technical problems’, today’s data did not include new cases in the hardest hit regions of Madrid, Catalunya and Navarra.

Excluding these regions, there have been 968 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

That figure is already more than 100 more than what was recorded last Monday, when all regions were included.

Since Friday, there have been 77 new official outbreaks across the country, bringing the total to 680 since lockdown ended.

Aragon saw the most cases with 586 in the past 23 hours.

The government there has announced the closure of all nightlife venues but continues to struggle to get a hold of the situation in Zaragoza.

More to follow…

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