THE family of a British expat who died after falling down an uncovered manhole in Mijas has vowed to take the local council to task. 

Richie Kennedy, 39, fell into the 2.5-metre hole next to a roundabout in Calahonda on June 27. 

The Brit had been living in Spain for over four years and had just finished training as a carer and was looking forward to a new career when tragedy struck. 

Richie Kennedy Pic
TRAGIC: Richie Kennedy died instantly when he fell into an uncovered manhole in Mijas

Now his boyfriend Claus Dueholm, and his parents, want justice. 

“My boyfriend left me with only 39 years because of this terrible accident and due to a lack of common sense to put a cover on one of more drainage holes along a very busy road,” Claus wrote on a Go Fund Me page, which is raising cash for the legal bills.

“He died instantly which gives us some comfort- but this hole should have been covered in the first place.

“His family and I decided to make someone responsible and to find the right responsible authorities and we will fight through court – even if it takes years.

“This is why we kindly ask you to donate to the costs of lawyers etc. to fight a battle for a very loving, caring, intelligent and selfless guy who lost his life unnecessarily at 39 years.”

Three days after the accidents, Claus pleaded with Calahonda authorities to cover the hole. 

The town hall erected a fence and two weeks later covered it completely, claimed Claus. 

Richie was out with friends on the night he died and had made sure they all got back in a taxi before he decided to walk home. 

“He texted me 0.47am that he would start walking home himself to our house and that he had forgotten his keys and if I would please wait up for him,” recalled Claus.

“At 2.00 AM I texted him ‘Where are you’…but no answer.

“His family and I started looking for him, calling security and police and hospitals. 

“It wasn’t until next afternoon at 16.30 that I found him myself – lying dead in that uncovered concrete manhole.  

“Richie was simply walking at the side of the road and because of a lack of lights and no cover – he must have fallen into the 2.5 meter deep concrete hole.”

Claus added: “Richie Kennedy was a lively spirit and he inspired so many of his friends and all his surroundings to stay happy and listening to dance music ( often Kylie ) and just take life in an easy way and enjoy every moment.”

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