CONTROVERSIAL comedian Jim Davidson has caused a stir after releasing a video rant on social media entitled Who wants to go to Spain anyway?

The 66-year-old has been accused of spouting sexism, misogyny, veiled racism and misinformed ‘guidance’ for travellers wanting to circumnavigate UK quarantine rules.

On the subject of the 14-day quarantine imposed on Brits returning from Spain, the five-times married Londoner quipped: “I thought that would have been the norm, anyway.”

He linked this to venereal disease, explaining a similar quarantine he had to experience after returning home from a live tour.

CONTROVERSIAL: Jim Davidson in his Wednesday rant

He then added: “As if two weeks in Spain isn’t bad enough anyway.

“I mean, who wants to go to Spain, anyway?

“Spain is for fat birds who live up north and sit on the beach going pink, innit?”

Davidson then continued with some ‘guidance’ for UK travellers wishing to get around the current 14-day quarantine restrictions on their return from Spain.

Jim Davidson
FREEMASON: the founding “Worshipful Master” of British Forces Foundation Lodge No. 9725

This consisted of getting a train to Calais, buying a Fez hat and a rubber dinghy to paddle across the English channel, ‘where you’ll be met by representatives from the Labour Party.’

Davidson’s career has been met with controversy since his big break in the mid-seventies on the ITV talent show New Faces.

He fronted family shows for the BBC including The Generation Game and Big Break.

In October 2003, he refused to go on stage in Plymouth because he objected to wheelchair users in the front row.

In September 2007, having been declared bankrupt in 2006, Davidson took part on the TV programme Hell’s Kitchen, where he made bullying homophobic remarks to TV presenter and openly gay contestant Brian Dowling.

The father of five asked Dowling ‘Are you on our side?’ when referring to whether or not he would be participating for the boys’ or girls’ team, and using the offensive term ’shirt-lifters’ in front of him.

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  1. Been racking my brains, trying to remember when Davidson was EVER a “good comedian” I DO remember when his main trope was an excruciating mockery of a caribbean accent, depicting a character called “Chalky”. Who he claimed was “his mate”
    Veiled racism? Hardly.

    Location : malaga

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