A FIRE has ripped through a largely expat inhabited mobile home park in the Andalucian town of Mollina, near Antequera.

The fire broke out around 4.20pm yesterday when emergency services received numerous calls of a blaze emerging from one of the homes.

According to reports, the site was quickly evacuated as professionals from the Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos de Malaga arrived to tackle the fire that was spreading quickly.

DEVASTATED: 80% of the park has been destroyed in the fire (Bomberos de Malaga)

It was eventually brought under control at around 7pm.

Thankfully no serious injuries have been reported, however three people required assistance for shock and smoke inhalation.

The blaze took place at the Lazy Days Mobile Home Park to the north of Mollina.

A predominantly British community, the holiday home park has been torn apart by the blaze, with over 80% of the homes destroyed.

90 of the permanent residents were evacuated and many were housed at the Euro-Latin American Youth Centre in the town whist firefighters controlled the blaze.

FLATTENED: Many of the expats that lived on the site have had their lives turned upside down (Bomberos de Malaga)

No news has been released yet as to the cause of the fire, but sources from the town hall believe that it originated from a gas BBQ.

The Mollina ayuntamiento is stepping up to offer hospitality in local lodgings and is providing medical care to anyone that requires it.

The local Village Store, run by expat John Murray has set up a donations bank to help with the stricken residents and has kindly offered food and accommodation for anyone who needs it.

Local farmers have offered their services to help clear the ash using tractors and heavy machinery.

Local residents have also rallied around to provide food, clothing and shelter for the victims while they count the costs of the devastating fire.


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