A WANNABE road racer has been left red faced after ploughing his friend’s €265,000 Lamborghini supercar into a electricity substation.

The blunder occurred last Sunday at around 7am in the south-western Andalucian town of Huelva.

Local emergency services were called to a collision involving the high performance car after reports of reckless driving and road racing.

WRITE-OFF: The €265,000 Huracan Performante is pulled from the wall of the substation (Foxspain)

In a video circulating online, the lime green Lamborghini can be seen revving its 639 horsepower engine in a built up area of the town before speeding off out of view.

Moments later, the vehicle can be seen crashed through a wall of a local substation.

According to ABC de Sevilla, the two occupants fled the scene but were tracked down later that morning receiving medical attention at the Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital.

They will be charged with reckless driving and endangering public health.

A statement from the Policia Local of Huelva said that the car was loaned to the driver by a friend.

The crash caused power outages for over two hours in the area as firefighters and local electricians worked to repair the damage caused.

The car in question is a €265,000 Lamborghini Huracan Performante and has a potential top speed of 325 kilometres per hour and accelerates from 0-100 in 2.9 seconds.

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