VICTIMS of Spain’s notorious dictator, General Franco, are to be exhumed across the region, with a tender process for the contract recently launched.

The €88,000 project will allow the exhumations of 61 victims of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship from cemeteries of Castello and Segorbe (north of Valencia), Alicante and Orihuela.

Cementeri De Castell   De La Plana
EXHUMATIONS: Castello Cemetery

The task will involve investigation, locating, exhumation and anthropological study of the victims in graves throughout the four municipalities.

DICTATOR: General Franco

Initial studies have located 18 victims in the Castello cemetery, 15 in Segorbe, 11 in Alicante and 17 in Orihuela.

Some exhumations have already started or are planned in Castello, Monovar and Benissa.

The Minister for Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, Rosa Perez Garijo, said it is: “One more step to continue the exhumations by the Generalitat within the framework of the Democratic Memory Law.”

She continued: “We have the obligation to fulfil this historical duty to exhume the remains of the victims of the Franco regime that still exist throughout the territory and thus be able to give them a dignified burial.”

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