POLICIA local have cracked down on revellers attending an illegal rave in the El Viso industrial site in Malaga.

Dozens of youths have been caught partying inside a rented property that didn’t comply with COVID-19 health regulations.

Alcohol and drugs were found on the premises and over 60 boozed-up party-goers caught without facemasks.


Officers dished out 30 fines for non-compliance with the mandatory use of the mask, bringing the number of charges for this offence to 4,002 since the mandatory use of the mask was decreed.

The events occurred at 4am on Wednesday, as reported by the Policia Local in a statement.

During a routine night surveillance service, agents observed a large numbers of people on the streets consuming alcohol and without masks.

On sighting the police, the group of youths ran inside a warehouse and locked themselves in.

Police backup was requested and four additional units were displaced to assist with the incident.

Over 60 boozed-up youths were found inside the premises, the majority without masks nor maintaining social distance.

A significant amount of alcoholic drinks and narcotic substances (cocaine, hashish and marihuana) were seized by the agents who filed over 30 charges for non-compliance with the mandatory use of the mask; two for holding an illegal party and three for drug possession.

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