SMOKERS may be stopped from lighting up in outdoor public areas of the Costa Blanca if they cannot keep two metres away from other people.

The rule started today(August 13) in the northern region of Galicia and now the Valencian Community’s health ministry is mulling over whether the area should follow suit.

Measures in Galicia prohibit outdoor smoking and vaping in public areas if the recommended two metre distance cannot be maintained.

The restrictions also apply to bar and restaurant terraces.

The argument is that putting the mask on and off whilst smoking and the repeated contact between the fingers and the mouth could help to increase the chance of the coronavirus spreading.

That is in addition to the fact that smokers are removing their mask in a social situation with one or more people.

Other regions including Andalucia, Murcia, and Madrid are also said to be examining smoking restrictions.

Spain’s Society of Epidemiology last month called for an outdoor ban on the basis that smokers who are unknowingly carrying COVID-19 are likely to spread the virus through increased coughing.

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