A RECORD number of dogs have been abandoned following the end of lockdown in Spain.

According to research by the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE), the number of abandoned pups has increased by a whopping 25% since last year.

In a statement from the organisation, figures showed that there was a high demand for puppies during the beginning of the lockdown period in mid-march.

However, since the quarantine was lifted, many households could not bear the costs and the responsibility involved with keeping a pet.

This has left many to abandon their pups either in their local rescue centres or worse, dump them on the street.

The COVID-19 situation also caused a huge spike in temporary dog adoption.

In a survey of 102 animal shelters, carried out by the Affinity Foundation during April, 51% of centres saw an increase in temporary adoptions.

During a statement by Spain’s Health Minister at the start of lockdown, dog walking was classed as one of the permitted exercises during confinement.

This reportedly led many to use a dog as a tool to allow them an element of freedom, especially in built up areas.

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