By Shay Conaghan

THE alleged murder of a 44-year-old woman at the hands of her boyfriend in La Linea de la Concepcion (Cadiz) has been categorised as gender-based. 

The alleged crime, which was committed on August 8, raises the number of gender-based murders to 27 in 2020, of which six were carried out in Andalucia. 

Policia Nacional made an arrest

The alleged perpetrator, a 42-year-old Algeciras native, was arrested on Monday after police discovered the woman’s body in Saccone gardens, where she often slept. The alleged killer also had several complaints filed against him by his victim, who also leaves behind a daughter.

The initial autopsy revealed that the woman suffered a violent death. She had internal hemorrhaging caused by external trauma and her body also showed multiple signs of bruising.

The alleged killer has been remanded in custody in a local courthouse in La Linea.

In June, the Olive Press reported that nearly 9,000 people in Spain had been arrested for gender violence crimes during the state of alarm.

The Policia Nacional made 8,790 arrests during the period from March 16 until June 21.

During the state of alarm the police processed 8,412 complaints, contacting victims more than 245,000 times and conducting 70,000 investigations.

A Policia Nacional spokesperson told El Mundo: “The state of alarm has been a period where the police force has paid special attention to the most vulnerable groups.”

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