MADRID is remaining optimistic in the face of rising COVID-19 cases and has declared the region’s outbreak as ‘contained’.

The regional government said the hospital situation, with 675 coronavirus patients, plus another 82 in ICU, is ‘relatively calm’.

However the system will be ‘reinforced’ before many Madrid residents return from their holidays, by both an increase in PCR tests and the return of more doctors who are currently on a break.

Meanwhile, additional PPE and other materials will continue to be purchased while the construction of the Valdebebas emergency hospital will continue.

Regional president Isabel Ayuso said the situation ‘is not going to be much different from what we have seen these last few months’ as the contagion is less severe and the affected are younger.

Ayuso has asked the central government for help to face a ‘second wave’ of COVID-19, labelling Madrid as vulnerable as ‘almost everyone’ passes through it.

“As long as we do not reach total confinement, Madrid is going to have a great capacity for recovery,” added Ayuso, calling for responsibility and unity for the upcoming ‘difficult months’ and amid ‘great uncertainty about the economy.’

Meanwhile, the Basque Country’s Minister of Health Nekane Murga has warned that the region is facing ‘a possible tsunami’ of COVID-19 cases.

A press conference to be held in Bilbao on Monday will see the region declare a health emergency, with Murga admitting it is already seeing a second wave.

The health leader said the evolution this time around is slower than in March and is less deadly.

However, Murga said it is still ‘worrying’, but that ‘we are facing a possible tsunami that is visible earlier.’

She said: “This allows us to take measures for prevention. We are better able to see it in advance and its magnitude and take measures and that is what we are doing.”

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