A SMALL town in Spain is having trouble tracking down potential COVID-19 cases following an outbreak at a brothel. 

Some eight workers have tested positive at a so-called ‘puti club’  in Alcazar de San Juan, in Ciudad Real, causing a local scandal. 

While the women have been isolated and four contact tests have been performed, locals fear many of the clients, particularly married men, will want to keep their recent visits a secret. 

It means they could avoid undergoing a PCR test and risk causing further outbreaks in the small town of 30,000. 

The club, called Las Palmeras, may have asked customers to wear masks and wash their hands, but the nature of the job means social distancing was not adhered to. 

It comes as Ciudad Real, in Castilla-La Mancha, is the province with the most accumulated coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic (7,722), and one of the highest death tolls (1,122).

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