ORIHUELA City Council was told it would get over €2 million to alleviate the damage caused by the floods of September 2019, but the mayor apparently decided not to mention it.

Emilio Bascuñana
ORIHUELA MAYOR: Emilio Bascuñana

Opposition parties have now accused Emilio Bascuñana of generating a ‘victimisation discourse’, suggesting that the city is hard done by.

The EU funding was announced on Wednesday, August 5, but the communication was only revealed by PSOE spokesperson, Carolina Garcia, on Saturday, August 15.

Carolina Gracia Psoe Orihuela

She agreed the funding is ‘very good for our city’, but can’t understand why the mayor kept the news to himself.

Garcia argues that this was in order not to break his ‘victimisation discourse’, whereby a thread of confrontation with the regional and central government is not broken.

She reveals that it was the disaster reports sent to the EU following September’s floods that led to the finance being made available.

However, the money must be spent within 18 months, meaning some of the money may be lost if projects aren’t completed in time.

Garcia suggests the mayor should get on with things: “Bascuñana must stop demanding and show that, apart from criticising, he has also worked. 

“By not having the projects ready to go, we may lose part of the aid due to delays in administrative work,” she lamented.

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