EX-MONARCH King Juan Carlos has received support from 75 former government ministers and senior officials from the PP and PSOE parties.

Among those who’ve signed the petition are former vice president of the government Alfonso Guerra and former minister Rodolfo Martín Villa.

It comes as the Spanish royal palace confirm the exiled King’s whereabouts in the United Arab Emirates.

The petition takes an innocent until proven guilty stance on the royal scandal and calls for a ‘presumption of innocence’ for the emeritus king.

Remembering Juan Carlos’ effort against dictatorship in Spain, the manifesto is nostalgic towards 40 years of Spanish democracy.

“The work of King Juan Carlos can never be erased for the benefit of democracy and the Nation,”  the manifesto said.

“Social ingratitude would presage nothing good for Spanish society as a whole,” it continues.  

In 1981, Carlos garnered popularity when he publicly denounced an army coup live on television.

He subsequently became a symbol of unity and was considered the father of Spain’s third republic.

Alleged to have received commission from Saudia Arabia’s King Abdullah for a multi-million euro high speed rail contract, the Supreme Court have launched an investigation into the possible financial corruption.

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