LINCOLN Red Imps’ Europa League qualifier was cancelled after seven FC Prishtina players tested positive for COVID-19.

The visiting Kosovan side was supposedly tested in their own country but on arrival it was revealed nearly half the squad had the virus.

The tie was then stopped just minutes before the players were supposed to hit the pitch.

Despite training locally, the Gibraltar Government were quick to allay fears over the possible transmission of the deadly virus.

“FC Prishtina trained last night as they had provided a negative test certificate from their country of origin,” said the Gibraltar Government.

“They were collected from their hotel, bussed to the stadium and trained under strict restrictions.

“They did not interact with anyone and were not allowed to use any
facilities such as changing rooms.

“Irrespective of this, the subs, benches and goals and any other
possible source of contamination were sanitised directly after.

“Following this they continued to be under strict instructions to stay in their hotel and within their bubble when dining.”

As soon as the positive tests came through they were instructed to remain in their hotel.

The match was cancelled and they were taken to the airport to leave on their charter flight ‘as soon as reasonably possible’.

Contact tracing is now being carried out to find out the extent of local contact with the Kosovan club.

Prishtina’s rivals Lincoln Red Imps will be remembered for their 1-0 victory over Scottish champs Celtic FC in 2016.

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