POLICE have intercepted 1,400 kilos of hashish on Guardias Viejas beach in Almería.

Officers arrested three people and seized 47 bundles of the drug, as well as a van and 30 bottles of gasoline.

Hashish 2 1

Suspicions were first raised when the authorities noticed a rigid inflatable boat travelling across the Alboran Sea.

After closely monitoring the vessel’s journey to the shore of Guardias Viejas, agents saw several people meet the boat and begin loading bales of hashish into a van parked nearby.

Hashish 3 1

Police sprang from hiding and arrested three of the alleged perpetrators for crimes against public health.

Just 10 of the 47 bales of hashish remained on the beach when officers intercepted the operation in the nick of time.

Those on the boat fled back to sea on the high speed vessel and escaped.

Although, agents did manage to seize the 30 bottles of gasoline waiting to be loaded onto the boat.

Hashish 4

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