A FIRE has erupted at the Sisu hotel in Marbella.

Huge columns of smoke could be seen for miles around as firefighters tackled the flames at the boutique hotel near Puerto Banus.

The blaze was so fierce that the apartment block next door had to be evacuated.

Policia Nacional, Policia Local and firefighters from several municipalities are all at the scene.

According to sources at the 112 emergency service, there are at least 10 injured, mostly due to smoke inhalation.

Some have also been hurt by falling objects as they fled the inferno.

Several firefighters have also had to be attended to due to being heavily exposed to excess heat and smoke.

There were 100 guests staying at the hotel when the fire erupted, reported Diario Sur.

The cause of the fire remains unknown but it is reportedly already put out by firefighters.

They are now checking that nobody is inside while the structure cools as they try to avoid further fires from starting.

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