SPAIN’s military has opened its enrolment process this amid a second spike in unemployment rates across the country.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that 3,500 job places are available in the latest call for employment across the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

Between the three organisations, 2,375 positions are available in the Army, with 525 in the Navy and 600 in the Air Force.

Contracts will be for between 24 and 36 months and positions are open for candidates that meet certain criteria such as qualifications, personal aptitude and fitness levels.

The original enrollment process was postponed in June thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, as Spain’s military forces were bracing themselves for a second wave of the virus.

The creation of 3,500 contracts comes as Spain is being hit with a second wave of COVID-19, causing a spike in unemployment figures.

The tourism industry has been the hardest hit throughout the summer as hotels, hospitality businesses and restaurants have seen their clientele disappear.

According to figures from the Institute of National Statistics (INE), unemployment has increased 0.79% since July, bringing the total unemployed to 3.8 million nationwide.

The Spanish Army, known as the Ejercito de Tierra, currently employs 122,000 personnel, plus a further 4,770 on reserve and 80,000 volunteers working under the Ministry of Defense.

The Spanish Navy (Armada Española) employs a further 21,000, with the Air Force operating 23,000.

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