QUARANTINE rules, the new school year and lockdown restrictions have caused hotel occupancy rates to drop by around 20 per cent in a week throughout Costa Blanca.

Occupancy rates are now projected to be just around 30 per cent this week in both Benidorm and across the Costa Blanca.

Despite this, Toni Mayor, who heads the Benidorm-based regional hotels association, HOSBEC, is defiant and insisted that the sector is ‘not throwing in the towel.’

Benidorm S Levante Beach To End Reservations This Monday As High Season Ends On Spain  S Costa Blanca
LOW OCCUPANCY: Only 30 per cent forecasted for this week

Traditionally last week was seen as the end of the summer holiday season for the Valencian Community.

According to Mayor, Benidorm had 68 establishments open last week, with an occupancy rate of 39 per cent.

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Four hotels have now closed and advance bookings have led to a projected occupancy rate of just 30 per cent.

Similarly, throughout the rest of Costa Blanca, last week saw an overall occupancy rate of 51 per cent, with forecasts predicting a big fall to around 30 per cent as well.

The end of the domestic season, coupled with poor foreign visitor numbers from countries like the UK, have caused the dramatic reductions in hotel bookings.

Toni Mayor remains upbeat though, claiming, “It is impossible to get better occupation [rates].”

Toni Mayor Hosbec
UPBEAT: “It is impossible to get better occupancy [rates]”, says Toni Mayor

He cited the lack of foreigners, families, school-children and the elderly, who ‘complement the autumn-winter season.’

He insisted: “We are not throwing in the towel; the sector will continue to fight.”

Referring to the additional 11 HOSBEC member hotels that got COVID-safe status last week, Mayor stated: “The tourism sector has shown that it can carry on with guarantees and safety.”

Click here for a full breakdown of each Valencian region.

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