A DRUG mule was forced to excrete 59 capsules of cocaine after being rumbled at Malaga airport this week.

Guardia Civil were monitoring passengers arriving from outside the EU when they noticed an agitated and nervous Nigerian passenger.

After a brief questioning, the individual was sent for an X-ray, the results of which suggested they were carrying ‘foreign objects’ which could be narcotics inside their body.

After expelling a total of 59 capsules, weighing 969.3 grams, they were tested and found to contain cocaine and the suspect was arrested.

Cocaine Capsules
EXPELLED: Nigerian had 59 capsules of cocaine inside their body

It came during a week of arrests at the airport, the second of which took place on September 1 and involved three passengers arriving from Gran Canaria.

Their suitcases were put through an X-ray machine and several suspicious packages were identified.

Following a search, the large bundles were found to contain hashish, with a total weight of 70.1kg.

Drugs In Suitcase
BUSTED: Hashish found in suitcase at Malaga airport

All three have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

On September 3, a suspected suitcase set to fly to Rotterdam in Holland was marked as potentially containing drugs.

Its owner was tracked down just as he was boarding his flight and the suitcase was searched and found to contain hashish in pill format.

The Spaniard was arrested and charged.

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