AN Italian terrorist has been cuffed on the Costa del Sol after being on the run for eight years.

Policia Nacional revealed today that they have arrested the female neo-fascist in Marbella, where she was living in a villa.

The woman had been part of the Nucleos Armado Revolucionario (NAR), an extreme right terror group active in Italy during the 1970s and 80s.

Nazi Arrested
CUFFED: Neo-fascist was part of militant terrorist group which killed dozens in the 70s and 80s in Italy

On August 2, 1980, the group detonated a bomb at Bologna train station which killed 85 people and injured a further 200.

The event remains the most serious terrorist massacre committed in the country since the end of World War Two and recently saw its 40th anniversary.

The woman arrested this week was a long-time militant in the group and had been arrested with another female counterpart in France in 2012.

However while waiting to be extradited they managed to escape and were not found again until this year.

Following a tip off, an exhaustive investigation led police to a villa in Marbella, where the women had been living together, officials said, leading to the arrest on Thursday.

The other woman, it transpired, had died in February, with her body sat in the Forensic Institute of Malaga waiting to be claimed by a relative.

Both had been sentenced by the Bolzano Court in Italy to more than nine and seven years in prison.

The fugitive will now face extradition.

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